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Sell House As Is™

Since 2012, Sell House As Is™ has helped hundreds of homeowners. Our goal has been to help people just like you sell their home in a timely matter, with a fair cash offer AND hassle free.

Our dedicated team will be here every step of the way to connect you with the best fit house buyers in your local market. Skip the headaches, the wasted time and money, and the extended timelines from real estate agents.

Our trusted brand can help if you’re facing foreclosure, moving unexpectedly, or with inherited property with an all-cash offer today!

Our Mission

Provide Fast, Reliable and Fair Cash Offers to Any Homeowner Nationwide From a Team You Can Trust.

Sell House As Is™ Values


First time selling your home? We’ll be upfront with honest prices to make sure you understand your options.

Questions along the way? Our team is here to help you!


We know this is a BIG deal and we never want sellers to have regrets. We listen to your exact needs and spend the time to make sure you’re satisfied.


Some listing agents may give a “top line” sales price right off the bat, but don’t factor in commissions and closing costs.

We save you time and stress by factoring in all of these forgotten costs.

Property Specialist |

Emily Hutzner, a seasoned property expert, is your ultimate guide to successful house sales. With years of legal and real estate experience, she simplifies complex property matters, ensuring a smooth and informed selling process. Connect with Emily on for expert advice and seamless property transactions. Sell your house with confidence, backed by Emily's expertise.

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