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We’ve been helping homeowners sell their homes as-is since 2012. We’re best known for our simple and stress-free selling process. But, you don’t just have to take our word for it…

"I was looking for a buyer that would only visit my house once and buy it in a faster timeline so realtors are out of the question. Sell House As Is claims they can close fast so I reached out to them. They performed! Giving them 5 stars because they deserve it."

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"Sell House As Is is the most recommended cash buyer near me so I went with them to get a cash offer. They're careful to explain everything to me. I couldn't believe selling a house could be that simple, but they followed through all their promises. Closing is also very smooth."

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"I loved working with Sell House As Is! They just bought my house and the whole process is fast and easy. They're very professional throughout the sale, unlike some other agents and investors I have talked to. Totally exceeded my expectations! Will definitely recommend this company."

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"My experience with this company is very satisfactory. They invested time to explain the buying process in detail. I felt comfortable selling my house to them and as expected, we've never had a problem all throughout. Sell House As Is is highly recommended."

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"I wanted to downsize and move closer to my family, so I reached out to Sell House As Is to sell my old home. They're the first company I contacted and they move pretty fast. They checked out my house, gave me an offer, and closed in 3 weeks. I'm super impressed!"

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"This is probably the most patient cash buyer I have ever worked with. I delayed the sale for 9 months, but they never pressured me once. They explained to me how they arrived at their cash offer and it makes total sense. I couldn't recommend Sell House As Is enough!"

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