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How To Sell A House As Is

Here's Our 3-Step Process:

Step 1

First, we will need a few details about your home! Fill out the form below or call us at (844) 203-8995.

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Step 2

Next, we’ll review your details and connect you to a local cash buyer. You’ll be presented with an offer over the phone.

Step 3

Then, we’ll choose a closing date that fits best with your needs and you’ll receive cash for your house!

What Do You Need From Me?

In addition to your address and contact information, we’re also interested in: Your ideal timeline, the current condition of your home, when you purchased the property, and why you’re looking to sell.

This information will help us connect you with cash buyers in your local market who have similar selling experience to your home. How will we sell your house as is? When we align you with the best fit buyers, your house can sell ASAP and headache-free!


How Do We Determine Your Unique Cash Offer?


✓   After Repair Value: Your home’s market value once we buy and renovate your house.

✓   Cost of Repairs: We’ll estimate our cost to update and renovate your house to meet current market conditions.

✓   Our Selling Costs: We’ll also estimate our total cost for selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees). Typically around 10% of the ARV.

✓   Return on Investment: This includes what we pay our contractors and how we keep our business running!

What are MY Unique Numbers?

Fill out the below form and we will reach out with a cash offer and discuss how to sell your house as is.

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By clicking Get My Cash Offer Now, you agree to receive text messages, autodialed phone calls, and prerecorded messages from Sell House As Is or one of its partners.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Questions? We’re happy to discuss your property before you submit the form.
Give us a call at (844) 203-8995 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sell House As Is™ vs. Traditional Home Sale

Selling a house is a BIG deal, so it’s important to understand your options. Have you ever asked yourself, “What even are my options on how I could sell my house as is?” Let’s compare selling your house to Sell House As Is™ vs. with a real estate agent…

Sell House As Is™

✓ Sell “as-is” without repairs

✓ No formal inspections

✓ No open houses or showings

✓ No appraisal or financing contingencies

✓ 0% commission and no fees

✓ We pay all closing costs

✓ Close in as early as 7-28 days

Real Estate Agents

• Make repairs to meet market standards

• Inspections add cost and time

• Open houses and multiple showings

• Appraisals come back low, dropping the sales price

• 6% of the sales price in commission

• You pay high closing costs

• Close with 60-90 days on average

So Many Satisfied Sellers!

We’ve been helping homeowners sell their homes as is since 2012. We’re known for our faster and simpler selling process compared to working with real estate agents. But, you don’t just have to take our word for it… Check out reviews from our sellers to see how their experience was with Sell House As Is™!



"For me, the selling process was a huge bottleneck before I could start grad school. I had little time and needed the cash fast. Sell House As Is has a great team that went above and beyond. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and highly recommend them."

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"I've come across many cash buyers who only purchase houses in big cities. Glad I found Sell House As Is, which also buys houses in small rural towns. They made my home sale stress-free and assured me it won't fall through. And it didn't! Thanks to the whole team."

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"SELL HOUSE AS IS BOUGHT MY HOUSE IN UNDER TWO WEEKS! The offer was great, and the whole team is very professional. From start to finish, it was a fast, easy and enjoyable experience. If anyone is looking to sell their home hassle free, Sell House As Is is your best option!""

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Headache Free. Hassle Free. SOLD.

Since 2012, Sell House As Is™ has helped hundreds of homeowners. Our goal has been to help people just like you sell their home in a timely matter, with a fair cash offer AND hassle free.

Our dedicated team will be here every step of the way to connect you with the best fit house buyers in your local market. Skip the headaches, the wasted time and money, and the extended timelines from real estate agents.

Our trusted brand can help if you’re facing foreclosure, moving unexpectedly, or with inherited property with an all-cash off today!

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Emily Hutzner, a seasoned property expert, is your ultimate guide to successful house sales. With years of legal and real estate experience, she simplifies complex property matters, ensuring a smooth and informed selling process. Connect with Emily on for expert advice and seamless property transactions. Sell your house with confidence, backed by Emily's expertise.

🏡 Property Evaluation Expert 🏡

Adrian Teamer, your trusted property evaluation expert, brings years of experience to the table. As a seasoned writer, his insightful reviews on provide invaluable insights into property value and market trends. When you need a clear picture of your property's worth, turn to Adrian's expertise. With his guidance, you'll make informed decisions for your next move in the real estate market.

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